About me:

The mental health industry is something I have been a part of for over 35 years. I initially trained as a Psychiatric Nurse and in my later years went on to qualify as a Counsellor, CBT Master Practitioner, NLP Master, DBT Practitioner, EFT, (or Tapping Technique) Practitioner and I am a qualified EMDR Practitioner, ( Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) Practitioner.

I am a great believer that no one treatment fits all and so my approach within the clinic is to use a ‘pick and mix’ to tailor therapeutic treatments according to my clients’ needs.

How I can Help:

I regularly treat clients experiencing anxiety, depression, mood & obsessive disorders, neurodiversity issues, PTSD, complex trauma and bereavement.

It is quite common for people not to know why they feel a certain way, therefore not knowing which therapeutic path to take.

Don’t worry, if this is something which resonates with you…..

Throughout your treatment, we will work together to ensure that the journey for you, is a healing one.

I work within the clinic and also hold sessions on line, or by telephone, for those who may find it difficult to visit clinic in person.

I am a full member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.


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